I am writing this letter in response to the column “My beloved Urdu” (dated February 17). The purpose of this letter is not to voice anti-Urdu or pro-English sentiments, but to highlight the function of Urdu as a national language of Pakistan. I want to highlight the simple fact that in Pakistan, it is not just Urdu, but each section of the society has its own language, culture, heritage and geographic value. These entire sections combine together to form Pakistan. All the provinces of Pakistan have their own dialects. Urdu is, no doubt, a beautiful language, but it is not the only one people in Pakistan identify with. We are people who communicate in a variety of languages and dialects, that form the multi-cultural country that is Pakistan. If we encourage celebrate the diversity and richness of cultures within Pakistan, instead of feeling threatened by it and trying to homogenise it, then we can emerge as a stronger, more confident nation.


Lahore, February 18.