QUETTA - Balochistan Governor Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi has lauded the Pakistan-China agreement over Gwadar Port, saying the people of Balochistan should be the first beneficiaries of their resources.

“The interests of the people of Balochistan should be protected in agreements regarding resources and development,” he said. In a statement issued on Monday over handing over Gwadar Port to a Chinese company, Governor Magsi expressed his pleasure that this agreement would bring prosperity to Balochistan. Besides opening opportunities of jobs, it would also give more other benefits to the people, he hoped.  “This is a vital step to remove the sense of deprivation prevailing among the people of Balochistan and remove their reservations,” he said. The governor said the agreement of Gwadar Port with China was based on a good intention, which would bring a positive change in the situation of Balochistan. He said this step would improve economic conditions of the masses, enabling them to take part in the construction of the province and its prosperity.  “The agreement of Gwadar Port with China, chalked out by the Centre, would be a historic achievement,” he remarked. He said that ignoring the people of Balochistan in agreements about the resources of the province in the past had resulted in anger among the people.