The ongoing cooperation between Iran and Pakistan on the Joint gas pipeline project in spite of American pressure to scuttle the deal is a healthy sign in the Islamic World. Some time back the prestigious ‘Science Journal of USA,’ had stated that resurgence of science in the Islamic World would begin from Iran which is poised on the threshold of take-off for a scientific revolution. As such the cooperation of Iran and Pakistan in the mega gas project is a good omen for future cooperation in the field of science and technology. If the US and Israel can cooperate in scientific and defence research, why can’t Iran and Pakistan do the same? Backed by Iranian oil resources and Pakistan’ knowledge in science and technology, spawned by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, they can work wonders.

Instead of begging UK and US for sale of their used military equipment like night vision goggles these two countries, Pakistan and Iran could pool their resources to manufacture scientific and defence equipment by mutual pooling of their resources of men and materials to surge as a formidable force in the comity of nations. As two close neighbours it would be of further advantage to both in having a synergistic relationship to further the prospects of peace and progress in the world to unprecedented heights that would be helpful in ensuring world peace and prosperity to the lasting benefit of Islamic World.


Lahore, February 16.