KARACHI – Government of Pakistan has appointed an administrator to run the affairs of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) through an ordinance issued by the President of Pakistan.

After the death of ex-president Professor Hayat Zafar, the PMDC was hijacked by the owners of private medical colleges and people of vested interest group in government medical colleges in Sindh and Punjab. It is very disturbing to note that PMDC has failed in performing its duties, said ex-member PMDC Dr Shershah Syed.

He said that the present leadership with executive committee was successful in destroying the medical education and training in Pakistan.

He said, “They have recognised medical colleges without fulfilling the basic criteria and have no control on standard of education in government medical colleges. The present regime has suspended more than 40 honest employees of PMDC because of their concern about the illegal activities in PMDC.”

The PMDC is only helping the owners of private medical colleges to make money and exploit parents of medical students. It is very important that PMDC should play its role as an autonomous independent and powerful body to regulate medical education and training in Pakistan, he said.

The present status of PMDC is not helping medical profession in Pakistan; in fact it is destroying it. The PMDC has also recognised many postgraduate programmes in new medical university have promoting the quackery in different specialization. Poorly trained doctors and specialists are causing havoc in health system,” he said.

“We demand that the election of PMDC should be held with complete transparency as soon as possible and new council appoints a registrar on merit to run the affairs of PMDC in Sindh and Punjab.”