LAHORE – Leaders of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Monday condemned the killing of Hazaras in Quetta suicide attack, blaming such onslaught on saboteurs who want to derail democracy.

They also slammed the PPP-led government for its failure to protect citizens in the violence-hit Balochistan. PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal said that the members of Shai community in Balochistan were being hit by the anti-Pakistan elements which do not want elections in the country.

Senator Tariq Azeem has charged the PPP with showing no concern for citizens.

He said that the president enjoys living in a bomb-proof palace valuing Rs5 billion while target killing of Hazaras goes unabated. He said the PML-N stands by Hazaras and would provide them security after coming into power.

He claimed that the government lacks will, commitment and ability to restore peace to Balochistan and this was evident from the fact that after civilian government, the Governor’s Rule had proved futile. Tariq Azim demanded the government stop spending public money on its luxuries and focus on the plight of innocent Hazaras instead.

In a statement, JI Ameer Syed Munawar Hasan said the fresh wave of terrorism indicates that the forces within the country and abroad are trying to derail democracy and put off the polls.

He said, “The situation calls for a complete unity among all political and religious parties to foil this conspiracy.” The JI leader said that the MQM decision to sit on the opposition benches was a move enjoying President Zardari’s support and a trick to have a caretaker setup of their choice. He said after the Quetta carnage on January 10, it was the responsibility of the security agencies not only to track down the culprits but also to adopt measure to prevent recurrence of such incidents. He said, the failure of the agencies in this task provided the anti-state elements another opportunity to strike again.  Hasan said the incidents of target killings and setting ablaze of petrol pumps, markets and vehicles in Karachi were also aimed at sabotaging the general elections through creating panic and a sense of insecurity among the people because the ruling junta felt terrible over their likely defeat in elections. He said that in case the caretaker government was made on MQM’s dictation, the real opposition parties won’t accept the election results. He stressed the Election Commission to take notice of the large scale postings and transfers of government officials in Karachi.