LAHORE – The Pakistan Railways (PR) suspended almost all major trains from Karachi over security reasons on Monday.

The decision to suspend trains had been made owing to ongoing countrywide demonstrations against Quetta tragedy which resulted difficult situation at railways tracks, said the utility spokesperson.

The operation would remain suspended for the next two days (Tuesday and Wednesday). The trains would resume operation as the situation turned normal, he added.

“We were trying to depart all possible trains from Peshawar and Lahore to Karachi. However, they would be fixed at Hyderabad station and will not be allowed to proceed towards the port city until the end in demos,” said the spokesman.

The trains which cancelled from Karachi to upward directions on Monday were: Hazara Express 11Up, Shalimar Express 27up, Awam Express 13Up, Pakistan Express 45Up, Allama Iqbal Express 9Up, Business Express 303Up, Karakarum Express 42Up, Millat and Karachi Express 15 and 17Up, Tezgam 7Up and Buraq Express 43Up.

Similarly, Shalimar Express 28Down, Business Express 304Down, Karakarm Express 42Down, Millat and Karachi Express 16 and 18Down and Buraq Express 44Down will not depart from Lahore toward Karachi on Tuesday (today). Hazara Express 12Down, Awam Express 14Down, Pakistan Express 46Down, Allama Iqbal Express 10Down and Tezgam Express 8Down will not depart from Rawalpindi and Peshawar toward down direction on Wednesday.

Road plan: The Lahore Transport Company (LTC) has linked 25 routes with metro bus service to manage the better transport system in the City.

The commuters will use linked routes to reach at metro bus stations and passengers would get LTC buses and vans ready, said LTC Chairman Khawaja Ahmed Hassan on Monday.

“The Metro Bus Service will prove to be a milestone in providing efficient and affordable transport facilities to the general public. The LTC and MBS are executing master plan devised for the provision of transport facilities in an integrated manner,” he told the reporters at a metro bus station. “Approximately 30,000 people will avail the metro bus service daily.