There have been so many famous record holders in Pakistan. From Imran Khan in cricket, Jahangir Khan in Squash and Sultan Golden in jumping over cars, they have been the pride of our nation. Most recently, in a bizarre new record, students from Pakistan created a world record by forming the ‘National Flag’ with 29,040 students of various schools in Lahore a few days back. I have no doubt it was a gigantic effort by the Minister of Youth Affairs and other organizers. Yet, what I fail to understand is why so much effort and money went into achieving such a useless record when we are a nation without the most fundamental necessities.

The students faced hostile weather and remained on the ground for the whole day. One has to think of the parents who must have been worried for their welfare. These children stood in the pouring rain with only one meal provided to them. Of course the organizers, including Hamza Shahbaz were sitting comfortably sheltered, protected from the harsh weather and provided with tea, coffee and edibles. They were all anxious to see this feather in their caps; a world record of no consequence.

I am sure that they could better utilize these funds to look for youth who can make valuable world records in sports like our famous Squash players Jahangir Khan and others and provide them with the coaching to compete in the world of sports in international arenas. If countries like Ethiopia can win gold medals at the Olympics  and break records, then why not a sportsman from Pakistan?


Lahore, February 17.