Enrolled at a college in British Walsal city, the Pakistani origin students including those hailing from AJK have demanded that the United Kingdom Border Agency should move for getting certain bogus colleges closed down.

“Such colleges are playing with the future of the students thus bringing the bad name for the UK,” reveals a message received here from the victims. Some of the affected students of the Walsal college accused the college management of exploiting them for their vested interests.

 The message received by a local media organisation from Walsall city on Tuesday alleged that a number of foreign-origin students including those hailing from Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir were being exploited by the college.

The students, studying in various disciplines including business management, health and care management, alleged in a message with condition of anonymity that  it has become a permanent feature of the college’s management that it demands money in form of tuition and other fees after repeatedly in a year but does not hold the required studies/course and lectures.

“The students feel themselves much worried and upset as they are also being forced by the college management to face the inspections on short notices,” they said.

They maintained th0at since they were not being taught the committed courses in which they had got admission. “We do not know what will happen with us if we decline to pay money in form of fee in response to the demand of the college which will, indeed, report to the United Kingdom Border Agency,” the message said.

“We are not allowed to work (as part time job under prevalent rules) but still we have to manage money from our parents from concerned home countries to pay the college for nothing,” they said.