Advancement in technology has opened up global social boundaries and brought tremendous transformation in every field of life. Marshall Mcluham, a Canadian theorist came up with the phrase, ‘Global Village’ in 1960 which has been applied to the world since. In truth the world has shrunk in many ways. People are now living in close proximity to each other though they may actually be living thousands of miles apart thanks to applications like Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, BBM, Twitter, Email and so on. From the media point of view, whatever happens on one side of the world has repercussions around the globe.

TV, radio, internet, newspapers and now mobile phones have brought us closer than ever, in every conceivable way. As the world advances in fields of science and healthcare, we are better informed than ever before, receiving updates on general health around the world be it in child health care, family planning, AIDS, TB, Bird Flu, and how to protect ourselves against a host of illnesses.

Why don’t we, in Pakistan promote science and technology to an even greater extent? For example, how come we skipped the grand 3G wave as the rest of the world now swiftly moves on to 4G? Certainly, to remain players inside this global village, we have to keep up with the tides of science. Our leaders must ensure ordinary Pakistanis are not missing out on technological waves the rest of the world is riding forward on.


Lahore, February 17.