Outlaws especially dacoits and robbers remained on the loose across Sialkot district as they made off with gold ornaments, cash, prize bounds, motorcycles and other valuables in several strikes on Sunday.

Street crimes and robberies have become a routine in different areas of Sialkot district. Motorcycle snatching incidents are also increasing here while the police have miserably failed to trace out the culprits. The peace-loving people are much worried about the critical situation.

In Tibba Jaaliyaan-Naikapura locality, three unknown dacoits looted Rs2 million cash and prize bonds worth Rs1.4 million at gunpoint from a local prize bonds dealer, Najam Afzal.

Two armed motorcyclists looted Rs135,000 in cash at gunpoint from Dhaamonkey-Daska-based trader Ejaz Ahmed during a dacoity incident near Loharaan Di Khoyiee stop.

Five unknown armed dacoits set up a picket near BRB Canal Bridge, Qila Kalarwala-Pasrur and looted Rs20,000 in cash and a motorcycle at gunpoint from Abdul Rauf, Rs15,000 in cash and a mobile from Master Ejaz, a car, Rs13,000 in cash and a mobile at gunpoint from Ehsan, besides looting mobiles and thousands of rupees in cash from several other persons.

Unknown thieves broke open the pesticides shop of Muhamamd Nawaz Goraya at Adda Motra-Daska and decamped with pesticides worth Rs2.6 million. Unknown thieves took away a motorcycle of Ashir Raza Khan from Model Town Daska. Four armed men snatched a motorcycle (STO-1142) and Rs5,000 at gunpoint from industrial worker Tahir Shehbaz near village Kot Karam Bakhash-Motra, Daska tehsil.

Two unknown armed dacoits snatched a motorcycle (GAQ-4614), mobile phone and Rs8,000 at gunpoint near village Pandoriyaan-Motra Daska tehsil and fled away.

Local social, business, educational and political circles have expressed grave concern over the alarming situation in Sialkot district. They alleged that the police had failed to trace out the culprits directly and indirectly involved in these major crime incidents.

They said that the police have allegedly left the peaceful people at the mercy of the criminals.

They urged Punjab Chief Minister and the IGP Punjab to look into the matter to secure the lives and properties of the people of Sialkot.