Islamabad- After an Indian security official admitted that their coastguards blown up a Pakistani boat in the Arabian Sea in 2014, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan today termed the incident as naked Indian aggression.

While taking a scathing criticism of the Indian act, Khan said that the blowing up of the boat in international waters was unprovoked and in violation of international laws. He said that the Indian coastguards took down the boat in the name of hot-pursuit without issuing a prior warning. He said that to cover up the illegal and inhuman action of its coastguards, the Indian government lied claiming that the boat occupants were terrorists, who blew themselves up.

After the Indian security official admitted the gaffe, the inhuman action of Indian coastguards has been exposed, the PTI chief said.

“What is also clear is that the boat probably belonged to poor Pakistani fishermen fishing to feed their families as just Indian fishermen do,” he said adding that both Pakistan and India were aware that these poor fishermen often wander away in each other's territorial waters being caught before they were sent back to their respective countries.

“But in this particular case, the Pakistani boat was in international waters and the Indian action was illegal and uncalled-for,” Khan said demanding of the Pakistani government to investigate the matter to take it to a logical conclusion.

“The muted statement by Defence Minister Khawaja Asif to condemn the incident is not sufficient,” Khan said.