"One good thing about music, is when it hits you, you feel no pain." We all know that one liner-lyric that swings our heart into a dimensionless world. When Whitney Houston sings “I will always love you”; when Nusrat says “Yeh jo halka halka suroor hai”; when Eric Clapton subtly sings “You look wonderful tonight”, or when you listen to “Lambi Judai” in Reshma’s voice – it’s simply magic!

Going to university every day I have started to count the distance not in miles or kilometres but in the number of songs. In that short drive I experience feelings, spaces and situations because of the empathy that music so easily syncs you with, which otherwise would take you a lifetime.

But what’s fun is that you can tell a lot about a person when you listen to the playlist that they have. Listening to a lot of sad songs not only means you are dealing with sadness but also that the road you’re traveling might lead you to depression-ville. And then only ‘party songs’ also means you are careless and happy all the time. So a person with a balanced playlist is a good catch.  

Music can regulate moods, as proven scientifically. Sometimes the music fits so accurately in the cracks of your heart that you feel that the symphony and lyrics were solely made for you. Whether you are driving to your destination or you are lying on your couch, music transcends the bounds of your physical world, it takes you to places, to corners of your mind you never thought existed, the lyrics make you feel what the words so flawlessly describe: love, passion, craze, obsession, loss, pain, fear and sometimes euphoria.

For dreaming you have to close your eyes, with eyes wide open music makes you fantasize. Soulful and classical music have been proven to be a therapeutic treatment for curing insomnia. It makes your mind relax a little. And slow music also can slow down your eating habits which in turns can help you lose weight. 

While working if you start listening to music that you love science says your mind turns off the background sounds and helps you focus more to the task at hand. Basically if we had to summarize it we can say music makes our body react and act in ways we don’t even know possible. . We know how sad songs help us deal with pain in their own way and peppy songs make us lively.

So like they say choose your battles wisely, you should choose your playlist wisely. Because the songs you select to play are going to affect you physiologically and psychologically.