Punjab Minister Cooperative Malik Muhammad Iqbal Channar said that the government was taking steps for the welfare of Cholistani population.

He was addressing a seminar held for raising awareness of the people by non-governmental organisations. He said that the Cholistanis would be given their rights. He said that when Prime Minister Pakistan Nawaz Sharif was chief minister of Punjab in 1985, the latter had announced a family package for the Cholistanis, and now CM Shahbaz Sharif was active for resolving their problems.

He said that following drought in Thar, the CM had sent ministers and government officials to Cholistan and also himself visited Cholistan. He added that the residents of Cholistan earned a living through farming and cattles thus a veterinary university is being established in Bahawalpur which will promote the sector.

The provincial minister said that for the provision of drinkable water, a water pipeline had been installed to improve the capacity of tobas and Rs2 billion would be spent for the cleaning of Jaam Sar, Noor Sar Balochan, Dol Sar and Kala Pahar including the construction of new tobas. He added that by cleaning the tobas, their water storing capacity has been increased.