Islamabad- A new study has recently revealed that curcumin, a natural product found in the spice turmeric , may hold the key to treat alzheimer 's disease . The study indicated that a close chemical analog of curcumin has properties that may make it useful as a treatment for the brain disease .

Wellington Pham, Ph.D., said that it has demonstrated ability to enter the brain, bind and destroy the beta-amyloid plaques present in alzheimer 's with reduced toxicity. Accumulation and aggregation of protein fragments, known as beta-amyloid, drives the irreversible loss of neurons in alzheimer 's disease .

Developing small molecules to reduce this accumulation or promote its demolition was crucial, but the ability of these small molecules to cross the blood-brain barrier has been a restricting factor for drug delivery into the brain. Pham and colleagues at Shiga University of Medical Science in Otsu, Japan, developed a new strategy to deliver a molecule similar to curcumin more effectively to the brain.

To work around the problems of giving the drug intravenously, the researchers decided to develop an atomizer to generate a curcumin aerosol. The Japanese researchers developed a molecule similar to curcumin, FMeC1, which was the one actually used in this study.

The study is published in the Journal of alzheimer 's disease .