I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities over a grave matter of concern affecting the general public. The menace of stray-dogs has assumed an alarming proportion as one can see pye-dogs roaming freely on streets, main thoroughfares & residential areas of Karachi. I fail to comprehend that why has the district administration failed to launch an anti-pye-dog campaign & curb the growing menace of stray dogs despite the increase in dog bite cases across the city?

These stray dogs have become a huge of concern and nuisance for the citizens as it has become almost impossible for children to play & the elderly people to continue with their morning-evening-night walks. Private schools in residential areas are common in Karachi and I myself have witnessed dogs chasing school kids both in the morning & afternoon. No one seems bothered about the psychological trauma that children who walk to school, go through daily because of these dogs. The worst affected are the people who are either going to work or returning home after performing night duty and those visiting their local mosques particularly during Isha and Fajr prayers on foot. Scores of stray dogs are seen roaming freely and they even attack the wayfarers in broad day light. Important to mention that not everyone can afford the anti rabies vaccine administered to dog-bite victims. A full-fledged campaign against stray dogs Karachi wide is imperative and need of the hour. I shall be grateful to the district administration to look in to the matter are do the needful at the earliest.


Karachi, January 12.