SYDNEY - Leading Hollywood movie studios joined forces Thursday to launch legal action in an Australian court against a piracy website, as they flagged future moves against others that give access to infringing content. Australia media company Village Roadshow said it was spearheading the lawsuit against - a large video-streaming website offering free access to movies and television shows - in the Federal Court, together with major studios Paramount, Universal, 21st Century Fox, Disney, Sony and Warner. The push came as governments worldwide and the movie and music industry fight back against file-sharing websites, where a global community of online sharers download the latest blockbuster releases. The industry has described such downloads as theft that cost them billions of dollars in revenue. The studios involved in the Australian legal case are applying to have the court force Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block the website, Village Roadshow’s co-chief executive Graham Burke told AFP. ‘Up until now, piracy and pirates have had open slather,’ Burke said, adding that the claim was made possible by Australian government changes to copyright laws last year.