The power companies in Pakistan are working to overcome the shortage of power for which new ways of generating electricity are being explored for ex through coal, solar energy etc. International power companies are also being invited to come and invest in Pakistan. One important factor which has been neglected by the provincial and federal government is the improvements in transmission and distribution network and building and upgradation of transformers. The benefit of generating power would only be witnessed once the transmission and distribution network have been upgraded and line losses are reduced, if not finished.

According to the news published in various newspapers, K-Electric has started a project by name of TP-1000 in which new grid stations would be installed, existing ones would be upgraded and with installation of new transformers, 132 and 220 KV’s news 160 KM transmission line would also set up. According to K-Electric, this initiative would help in improving transmission and distribution of power across Karachi. During transmission and distribution process, line losses is an important factor which does not only cost the power company but also the end user has to face its brunt.

K-Electric, after privatization, has invested in the generation of power and has also made proper arrangements in transmission and distribution to reduce line losses. Due to these measurements, the line losses reduced from 34.95% in 2009-10 to 23.7% in 2014-15. A famous English quote states that “A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned”. Therefore K-Electric needs to make more arrangements to reduce line losses so they could be eliminated completely.

I hope that according to K-Electric’s claims not only the transmission network will increase by 30%, the system will also help addressing future load growths in the city. Though this project will complete in 3 years we should have a positive approach about this project and K-Electric.


Karachi, January 12.