In a desperate attempt to remain relevant, the MQM’s Rabita committee has let out a warning, asking the nation to be cautious as “something big” was likely to take place in the next few days. The party has issued an absurd statement which states that MQM leaders have discussed the political situation of the country and as well as the possibility of natural disasters, hence people should stock up on food, water, medicines and fuel. Apparently Mr Hussain has transcendental powers and he is able to predict the future (as he has done multiple times in the past), hence the people of Karachi should take this warning very seriously.

While his hidden divinity could be a plausible reason, the more likely one is that this ploy is being used to divert the party workers attention from the fact that he recently got back his passport and all eyes are pinned on him to make a grandiose return to the homeland. British authorities had seized their chief’s passport during the investigation of a money laundering case in which the MQM supremo was a suspect. In a passionate speech following the Rangers raid on MQM headquarters Nine Zero in March 2015, he thundered about ending his long self-imposed exile and returning to Pakistan and being there for his party in a time they needed him most. In all honesty, he should finally put his foot where his mouth is (no pun intended), rather than giving incendiary statements from the safety of his London home. His supporters should demand that he come home and rule. Even though this may cause high drama and security risks in Karachi, his people, as well as the arms of Pakistani law, must have access to him and he must answer for his alleged crimes.

But, since there is no news of a flight booked from Heathrow to Karachi, we must make do with news of hunger strikes (on a ban that was imposed six months ago) and baseless melodramatic warnings of impending doom.