It is a painful reality that the relevant local government and district administration department are doing nothing to explore the problems facing the current sate management system in the country. They are doing nothing to explore the waste management practices that can reduce garbage in our cities from my Islamabad to my lovely Larkano.

During my visit to my lovely Larkano last week, the same question which I usually ask from the Capital Development Authority management, asked from one senior officer of local government, and the question is: “what are the causes of poor waste management in city and how can the governance system be improved for proper waste management? “

But he maintained the traditional mum because all these people in position of power and authority are allergic to keep our cities neat and clean, so why should they bother to reflect upon these questions.

From Larkano to Islamabad, I see general and hazardous waste, among others, everywhere in this city, town and village but I don’t see anybody to raise awareness about this national issue and motivation among the relevant organizations to handle this increasing waste in the country.


Islamabad, January 13.