The KPK police modern school of investigation is a great initiative and crucial component of its capacity building drive. Police personnel of different ranks participate in specialized courses spanning over two weeks where they are taught upto date investigative techniques including the use of modern technology to hone up their skills in criminal detection. No doubt it is a positive deviation from flawed and old investigative methods widely used in our criminal justice system.

In this regard KPK police and a British based NGO have jointly started a training of trainers programme(ToT) to prepare potential instructors for teaching in investigation school. However it is regretful to say that despite their engagement in ToT programmes incurring financial resources, and earning Rs.10000 per lecture, most of these instructors do not even know the ABC of lecture delivery. They teach from already available notes in a fixed and rigid manner leaving the students / trainees clueless and with more questions than answers. Besides, owing to their dilapidated style of teaching, the output of such initiative is yet to be seen on the field.


Peshawar, January 17.