Talking in Multan last Thursday, to a visiting group of students of a Sukkur business school, the CEO of MEPCO said that his company had achieved all the targets of revenue receipts for the first six months of the current fiscal year. Rs54 crore were also recovered from electricity thieves. However, the CEO failed to mention his weaknesses during this period such as not catching any MEPCO official for collaborating in electricity theft as it is well known that most of it takes place with the cooperation of the electricity officials themselves.

Other shortcomings include the massive unscheduled load shedding currently being carried out daily, an extra 10 hours a day in cities and much more in villages, along with the non-removal of a rectangular shaped stretch of 11 KV lines one side of which is passing over the houses of Muzafffargarh residents, posing serious danger to the houses beneath them. During the summer highly exaggerated bills amounting to tens of thousands of rupees are sent to users of even one 1-ton AC turning them bankrupt, whereas those using many ACs with the collaboration of WAPDA officials have to pay nothing. All these defects have rendered MEPCO dysfunctional, just like all other government owned corporations bedevilled by similar disorders.

The CEO is requested to make it a truly functional public service utility rather than boasting about collection of its inflated revenue by hook or by crook.


Muzaffargarh, January 27.