Edmund Burke, an English statesman, was of the view that an elected government which failed to manage pure drinking water, healthy food items and standard medicines as well as protect life and property of its citizens ceases its right to govern. Contrary to this, our leaders chosen by the people, neither change their attitude nor discharge their obligations.  

They do not ponder over the question set by Burke about facilities that are vital for life. Every time the rulers boast of serving people; the poor continue to die on the floor of hospitals for a want of a bed and medicines. To provide funds for these facilities is the responsibility of the ruling party and not the Medical Superintendent of a hospital. While the powerful and wealthy can buy mineral water and pure eatables at higher costs, the poor are left at the mercy of swindlers who sell old and rotten things in cheap bazaars. When people die in rickshaws due to traffic mess on road mere talks of good governance, rule of law, transparency and accountability is like living in a world of fantasy. 


Islamabad, January 27.