One of the reasons for the chaos and anarchy in our society is our disregard to the law of the land. The law is differently interpreted for the poor and rich. The powerful and well off people often got scot free even after committing heinous crimes while the poor are persecuted for years on account of trivial and pity crimes. The recent cases of Shah Rukh Jatoi and Majeed Khan Achakzai proof this practice. While a poor man was hanged to death, years after the Supreme Court discovered that he was innocent. Certainly this gives the rich more encouragement that they are above the law and ultimately they will be freed with honour for whatever crimes they commit. While the poor become disgruntled and disappointed towards the rule of law and a disbelief and alienation for the system is developed in their minds. 

This is a strong need that the rule of law prevails in our society and the law should treat the rich and poor even-handedly. The Khilafat e Rushideen even punished their own children, when they were in the wrong. Moreover, the western countries have also ensured that the courts deliver justice even-handedly to all segments of their society. Only by adhering to the rule of law, we will bring true prosperity in our country. 


Peshawar, February 6.