I am a subscriber to Her Ground; an online subscription-based service providing feminine hygienic products at your doorstep. Sadaf Naz is the founder of this service, she along with her team members is providing sanitary napkins, and other health products for women at their desired date and time. I must say this is a great initiative taken by this bold girl. No one wants to discuss periods this much openly in public because it is a taboo in our society.

From childhood, it has been taught to us that it's a personal matter and you should not talk about it but why it was never said that it is personal, not a private matter, then why to hide it? This service is for every girl who ever faced staring eyes of the shopkeeper while buying the sanitary napkins, it is for the girl who stopped going to school because of the fear of spotting, it is for the girl who never knew what sanitary napkin is. As this platform gives you the freedom to buy the feminine product with full confidence. Their mission is to celebrate the women health as everyone tries to empower women but, have you ever thought how you will empower them when you can't even make them healthy? I personally felt that I became more courageous and assertive after reading their blogs and using their service.

I personally met the founder of Her Ground and then I realise that you can't feel other's pain until you experience it. She has stronger and sound personality from what I expected. There are a lot of people in our society who will pinpoint her effort or may be done but no one ever thought what pushed her to take this step. She went through the circumstances when she was unable to have access to sanitary napkins. It's every girl's need but no one tried to take a step for it. She felt extremely bad when there was no facility of feminine products in her hostel and university during studies. She decided at that time to play a positive role in the society. She took this initiative in the form of Her Ground and proved herself a stronger and fearless woman. A woman who didn't stand up for herself but for the others.

There are plenty of people in society who want to do something for themselves and even for others too but never come forward because of the fear but there are very few who never let their fear decide their future. Sadaf Naz is one of them who proved this valiantly. I will recommend every girl to use this service not to just support this platform but to support yourself and womanhood. So, bring the change with your actions as actions speak louder than words.