The attack, which has crossed 40 casualty of army soldiers in Indian occupied Kashmir, has been a hot debate on Indian channels. The lethal and most appalling attack is claimed by Kashmiri Jaish-e-Muhammad organization under the supervision of Aadil Ahmed Dar.

Interestingly, India is always ready to accuse Pakistan on any conspiracy hijacked by foreign powers or India itself. Pakistan condemns the brutal attack yet the country is always blamed. Even, India has withdrawn from Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status. Threats are skyrocketing. One wonders how did a car loaded with a massive gunpowder cross the border and blast massively despite being a military might nation?

Nonetheless, this is not the first blame posed by India. Previously, India accused Pakistan of having links in the fatal incident of Uri attack. Apparently, Pakistan proved itself a neutral country in the Uri incident, having no links. Time and again, India threatens to start a surgical strike. India must remember that this idea is easier said than done. This is only possible in Bollywood movies not in real globalized world.

Avoiding such mindless and illogical statements is the only ultimate Pakistan has to follow. India is recommended to think out of the box. It is a conspiracy posed by enemies of both of the countries.


Shikarpur, February 16.