There is a serious confrontation between the government and opposition parties at a time when the country’s economy is a sinking ship. The outgoing government and its leaders taunt incumbent government ministers for failing to take strong measures to revive the economy. The incumbent government ministers accuse their opponents for dragging the country to the edge of total disaster. Instead of devolving strategy to remove deficiencies and plugging loopholes in the system, both the ruling party and the opposition are busy exchanging insults. The outgoing government and its experienced leaders claim to have saved Pakistan from falling into an economic quagmire. On the other hand, the current government claims that the economy was already in shambles due to excessive borrowing and corruption, which they have tactfully saved. A total confusion prevails, and people suffer due to inflation while the leaders exchange barbs. One wonders what these leaders gain by abusing each other and mudslinging except having their own hands dirty. Both the government and the opposition need to realize that by accusing each other they serve none and this vicious blame game will never end. The problem can only be solved if we let bygones be bygones and focus on building a future together.


Islamabad, January 29.