LDA City has had its share of troubles since its launch. Some of the most pressing concerns the LDA management had to face were:

i. The land acquisition process did not proceed in a smooth manner.

ii. The project could not see its completion on a timely basis.

iii. The LDA Avenue project completion had remained delayed for a decade.

iv. Balloting was nowhere in sight.

v. Supreme Court’s hearing of the LDA City case created more controversy.

vi. Development work, if any, had proceeded at a slow pace.

To elaborate: it was a sorry state of affairs for the LDA City project. The scheme’s property prices in December 2018 had been at their lowest levels since 2016. Even the most optimistic of developers would had little reasons to find hope.

But everything changed for the better in January 2019. The property prices surged by more than 32%. And a 5-marla plot file was available for PKR 1.65 million at the time.

So far, the LDA City administration has seen significant improvements on every front.

Supreme Court’s Influence

When the top court disposed of the LDA City case in January this year, it ordered:

i. The officials concerned to provide plots to the LDA City file owners on a timely basis.

ii. The development partners to begin the land-acquisition process.

iii. The LDA City administration to submit monthly reports on the acquisition procedure.

NAB’s Oversight

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has also remained involved with the project. In the current context, its involvement is great news. The watchdog has vowed to settle all pending cases of the LDA City project on a timely basis.

Meanwhile, the bureau has been acting as an overseer in the project’s completion. Last month, its team visited the LDA City project site. The officials reviewed the pace of the development work carried out so far.

Moreover, the federal institution has also been acting as a mediator on this front. There are three main stakeholders involved with the project. These parties are the development partners, the file holders, and the LDA City authorities.

Resolution in Sight

We'll talk about a related development here. Zameen.com recently acquired the exclusive rights from developing partners to sell LDA City project inventories. It also obtained the scheme's marketing rights. And for consumers, at least, (if not for the portal itself), this is phenomenal news. The company has developed something of a reputation for following ethical marketing practices. It also looks after the interests of all field stakeholders.

The development work, as mentioned above, has also picked up pace. For facilitating the construction process, a significant budget was recently allocated. And the next thing that buyers and investors have set their sights on is the possession. According to reports, plot possessions will be available within the year 2021.

The said measures have resolved most the issues listed at the beginning of this article. Now, it comes as no surprise that LDA City has emerged as one of the most popular projects in Lahore. The residential initiative made huge gains during 2019. The activity in the city's property marketplace is slow, yet the LDA City saw price increase. This speaks volume about the investment activity underway in the scheme.

The LDA City plot file holders can now breathe a sigh of relief, owing to such positive developments.

Further, the scheme is all ripe for attracting investor- and genuine homeowner-interest. And what better way to secure one’s capital other than investing it in real estate. Buying plot files is one of the most convenient form of investment.

One can, with high conviction, predict a path of smooth sailing for the project over the next two years. The property transfers are all set to begin in 2021. If you haven't, now is the right time to invest in the project. You can expect lucrative gains from the investment opportunities available in LDA City.

LDA City is a city within a city: the project of the year 2020.