LAHORE-Junaid Khan is currently stealing the limelight in‘Mohabbat Na Kariyo’, where he is starring alongside Hira Mani for the third time.

The drama has a romantic storyline that centers on two people Asad and Zara who belong to two totally different worlds, and the troubles they have to encounter after marrying against their family’s will.

Junaid essays the titular character Asad, a selfless, caring and humble gentleman who belongs to an elite family and Hira Mani essays her love interest Zara who turns out to be his wife.

She belongs to a middle class family and Asad’s status-conscious mother Tasneem doesn’t approve of her as her daughter in law from her heart.

She starts playing tricks to separate his son and daughter in law and sends off Asad to Azerbaijan soon after their marriage, with the help of Rabia, a local girl from Baku essayed by Zarnish Khan, by paying her to paper marry her.