Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has sought out of the box solutions to reduce the power and gas tariffs in the country. For this, the PM has reached out to his aides, seeking a solution. The power and gas tariffs in the country have become a huge problem for the people, who are currently dealing with inflation and their lowering purchasing power. These tariffs not only impact power and gas prices but also other items that are relying on these two sources for production and transport. However, the government has been closely involved in the increase in these prices and the kind of impact that has on the economy. If it was not a calculated move, the government needs to think through its agenda before implementation so that the consumer is not affected gravely in the process.

However, if the purpose behind the initiative is to improve on the existing circumstances, then the PM should seek the advice of all the stakeholders who were involved in the previous decision-making. This will ensure that whoever is involved in the process is fully aware of how things are being governed and will make an informed decision about the process, instead of ad-hoc solutions that provide temporary relief to the citizens. It is also important to involve all stakeholders that are affected in the process, to ensure minimum loopholes in the decision-making process.

With the summers coming in, these prices will have to be either managed or sustained to ensure the comfort of the people. The process needs to be initiated from within the government and not be pushed via the investigation of any committee. Such bureaucratic loopholes create hurdles in problem-solving in a timely fashion. The government now needs to engage experts in the fields in order to find ways to provide relief to the masses, along with pushing the economy in an upward direction if it wants to retain power over the next years.