SHIKARPUR      -       Speakers at an event held here on Tuesday called for setting up a chest pain unit in the city in view of its geographical importance.

Speaking at a programme, titled, ‘Why chest pain unit is necessary for Shikarpur,’ organised under the auspices of Human Rights Network Sindh, speakers Abdul Sami Bhatti, Abdul Wahab Kagzi, Mian Zafar Alvi, Ali Asghar Pahore and Nasim Bukhari said that Shikarpur had the history of 400 years, and its population had been increasing on daily basis.

They further said that in view of the fact that people from Balochistan, Jacobabad, Kashmore and other surrounding districts also visited Shikarpur because of the city’s prime location, therefore there was a dire need for setting up a chest pain unit here just like the Sindh government had set up such units in other districts of Sindh.

Other speakers included Adeel Mahar, Sajjad Mangi, Saeed Ahmed Soomro, Zafar Channa, Zahid Bhanbhro, Asadullah Soomro and Awais Ali Abro, and gave arguments in the favour of building a chest pain unit in the city.

A large number of people, belonging to different walks of life, attended the meeting and endorsed the demand.