SWABI - A three-day “All Pakistan Sci­ence Fair 2020” was held at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Tech­nology here on Tuesday. The fair was organised by GIK Science Society. Students of various uni­versities and colleges/schools participated and displayed their skills and projects in it.

The participant, on the occa­sion, said: “The countries, which invested in the field of science and technology and lured their young­sters into this highly productive field had made remarkable prog­ress in diverse fields and become economically prosperous.”

The organizers said that the basic objectives of the fair were: to encourage students to focus on science creativity; inspire them to take interest in scien­tific field; learn from each other; exchange ideas and knowledge; develop their technological skills; enable them to know that how much the present world is competitive; how they prepare themselves and contribute to progress and development of the country.

The modules included in the fair were aimed to judge the ca­pability of the students in science and technology, how should they perform when they were given a specific task and how work in a competitive environment while concentrating on achieving their objectives. Areeba Arif, who came from Islamabad, said that they got an opportunity to exchange knowledge with participants and saw their creativity and work that how they per­form and preparer the science projects.

“The projects really inspire me. The gather­ing of youngsters and their focus on different projects was unique,” she added.