It seems quiet scary that our activities are being watched or observed by someone and on the other hand it seems quite funny, actually it is very alarming situation, happening with almost all of us, as we are surrounded by these so called social networks that are actually not social but antisocial networks.

They are destroying not only our mental health, physical health, social interactions but also making us addicted to these evil machines. I can say we are no more social animals but we are more social machines created by these social networks. We are producing human machines instead of human being.

If we take a look on our journey from birth to death it starts with a click, taking first picture and posting it on social networks for comments and ends-up with our last picture with the status of “Rest in peace”. Throughout our lives we are under the pressure of these evil networks.we feel helpless and we are bound to share our information on these sites. It takes control over our body and gradually capture our minds. We post our day to day activities unintentionally and we are unconsciously giving our information to these sites as a result we do not have much time for our fellow beings who are sitting next to us and are waiting for our sweet company.

Even our relationship with Allah is affected through these anti-social networks. We do perform our religious activities but without feelings. We do take selfies with Khana-e-Kaaba and Roza-e-Rasool proudly but there is no passion in our “Ebadas.” To sum-up I can say that we are humans but without souls as we are spending artificial lives, we love to show off that how luxurious lives we are living and in this way we are forgetting our roots and going away from the nature. Here are some facts and figures that justify and magnify my thoughts: Social media status in Pakistan December 2019

Facebook    twitter printrestinstagramYouTube  tumblr

92.67%       3.9%      1.39%    1.07%        0.92%   0.02%

Social media has played a strong role in shaping the modern day communication, and Pakistani users seem to be catching up. The total number of Pakistani social media accounts crossed the 44 million mark, according to the statistics released by social media companies.

Facebook surpassed all others applications at 30 million users across Pakistan, according to stats provided by PTA as on November 15, 2016. Line stood at 7.1 million users as per October 15, 2016, followed by Instagram with 3.9 million active users (source: Business Manager Dashboard).

Twitter and Snapchat trailed behind others at 3.1 million users as of July 2016 and 0.4 million users as of January 2017, respectively. Social media in Pakistan is frequently used for diverse purposes that include e-commerce, socio-political discussions, social vigilantism, and political activism. One of the reasons behind increasing social media users in the country is the successful penetration of 3G/4G technology in Pakistan.