DUBAI - Pakistani lawyers having cricketers as their clients have common complaints about their clients- they are careless and lethargics. The 26-year-old pace-bowler Mohammad Asif did not bother to inform his lawyer about his trip to Mumbai and Delhi, where he was detained at Delhi airport on Saturday night by immigration officials for not carrying sufficient visa documents. "I was not aware about Mohammad Asif's visit to India," his lawyer Shahid Karim said over his mobile from Lahore. "If he continues to behave like this I shall have to think twice before accompanying him to Mumbai for his tribunal hearings," he further said. "At present I can not confirm whether I shall be with him on this day". The IPL tribunal members have also kept a reserve day of hearing on January 25, if it is not over on the first day. Abid Hasan Minto, a lawyer for another pace bowler Shoaib Akhtar, was also complaining about his client. "He is very careless. Never keeps up his appointment. We have to always chase him for the necessary documents when he is served with the notice by the PCB". Shahid Karim, who also represented Salim Malik has not been provided updated information the former skipper. "After being cleared by the courts (pending ICC clearance), Salim Malik has not provided any latest information about the steps being taken by the Pakistan Cricket Board," he further added. "Coming back to Mohammad Asif's Dubai detention case, the three-man panel will start with proceedings once the result of his IPL tribunal hearing is out", the PCB lawyer Shane Gul said. The PCB has appointed Wasim Bari (chairman), D. Sohail Salim and Asif Suhail (special assistant to the PCB chairman) to probe Asif case. BIPIN DANI