ISLAMABAD:-Bureaucrats from the District Management Group (DMG),traditionally known as 'baboos', are fast getting back their leading role in the ruling establishment as was evident from recent reshuffle in bureaucracy and top-level promotions yet on cards. Background discussions with top-level bureaucrats revealed it that the DMG has staged a forceful comeback. It is relevant to note here that the DMG had lost key positions in the federal civil services to bureaucrats from other service cadres during the last regime. Now again, after massive bureaucratic reshuffle the other day, the DMG has captured key slots including that of Secretaries to Cabinet and Establishment Divisions. So much so that the government has appointed Zafar Mehmood, a DMG officer as Cabinet Secretary, leaving behind a number of other bureaucrats even from his own service cadre, and senior to him. Zafar Mehmood was promoted in mid 2007 to grade 22 by the then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. Even Ismail Qureshi, another DMG officer, appointed as Establishment Secretary was promoted more than a couple of years before Mehmood's promotion to the top grade of federal bureaucracy. Having their men posted at most senior (Cabinet Division) and effective (Establishment Division) positions, the DMG would get its officers promoted to grade 22 in the upcoming promotions spree, said a federal secretary on condition of anonymity. He was of the view that the government would be promoting not less than six senior bureaucrats to grade 22, obviously, offering a lion's share out of it to the DMG. Although senior bureaucrats were not to buy the conspiracy theory of Gilani-Zardari frictions, political sources insisted that it was lack of equation between the Prime Minister and the President that was being exploited by the DMG in its favour. In support of their argument the sources cited instance of Premier Gilani not getting notified any one as his Principal Secretary despite Saturday's massive reshuffling of nearly a dozen of civil servants. They claimed that former Principal Secretary to PM, Siraj Shamsuddin, was forced to leave his position both for being non-DMG officer as well as being also reportedly disliked by President Zardari. It is also important to note that Nargis Saithi, who has been holding Acting Charge of the PS to PM, is also from the DMG but is quite junior to be a Principle Secretary. Bureaucratic circles believe that Saithi was after getting promoted to Grade 22 and appointed as fulltime PSPM superseding a score of her colleagues. They also shared the opinion that not only because of being a DMG officer but also having political linkages with President Zardari, Saithi was all set to achieve her goals. The senior bureaucrats agreed that the Prime Minister, as against President Zardari, was for ensuring the sanctity and integrity of key administrative positions. That is why he had so far resisted appointment of any junior officer as PSPM, which is also considered to be a position for the senior most civil servant after the Cabinet Secretary.