RAWALPINDI (APP) - Closure of almost all CNG stations across Benazir Shaeed Road and in some other areas of the city on Sunday irked the commuters who were seen wandering here and there in search of fuel. There were long queues of vehicles at the CNG stations, which were operating and consequently the pressure was very low at these stations. The commuters had to wait for long time to get their cylinders refilled. The management of the closed stations was reluctant to tell reason for this problem. The commuters particular the commercial drivers were of the opinion that on one hand the price of commodity has been raised up to Rs.50 and on the other it was very difficult to get it. They asked for the intervention of relevant quarters to take notice of the situation so that the stuff is available easily at affordable price. A commuter was of the opinion that government should conduct a survey through the experts to analyse the profitability in the business because in his opinion the profit margin in the CNG business was very high. He said the experts should evaluate the cost of production of the operators and a rational level of profit be fixed.