LAHORE - Heavy downpour on Sunday marred the sale of Sunday Bazaars here in the City due to lack of sanitation arrangements, causing inconvenience to the shopkeepers and shoppers as well. Most of the Sunday Bazaars witnessed very low turnout throughout the day owing to the intermittent rain on Sunday. On the other hand, the prices of fruit and vegetables decreased in the Sunday bazaars this week due to the low turnout of shoppers as compared to the last week. The lack of sanitation and dewatering arrangements multiplied the miseries of the shoppers as well as the shopkeepers in several Sunday bazaars particularly in Johar Town, Shadman, Mughalpura and Gulshan-e-Ravi areas. Interestingly, the shopkeepers continued overcharging due to the absence of the officials of City District Government and Market Committees. The price of chicken meat in Sunday Bazaars was fixed at Rs110 per-kg while in open market it was sold at Rs108 per kilogram. The price of onion was fixed at Rs20 to 24 per kilogramme as compared to last week price of Rs24 to Rs26 per kilogramme. However, the vendors sold it at higher rates of Rs22 per kilogram by mixing lower grade. In the open market, onion was sold at Rs30 per kg. The price of new potato in Sunday Bazaars was fixed at Rs20 to Rs22 per kilogramme from last week Rs22 to Rs24 per kilogramme. However, potatoes were sold at Rs30 to Rs32 per kg in the open market. The price of tomato was fixed at Rs36 per kilogramme but the shopkeepers were selling it at Rs40 to Rs44 per kg.