KARACHI - Sindh Local Government department has received a number of complaints against district governments in the province regarding the financial embezzlements and irregularities, officials told The Nation. Several officials of the district governments have also forwarded complaints to the department which have been referred to the Provincial Local Government Commission for investigation. These complaints are pertaining to the financial irregularities committed by the district governments of the Sindh, official maintained. Without examination and approval of forums such as District Development Working Parties, the development and non-development funds were released by various district governments in violation of rules. Putting the example of irregularities of district governments, official alleged that financial embezzlements of about Rs60 million was committed by one local government of Tando Muhammad Khan District of Sindh. He also quoted a letter of Executive District Officer Finance and Planning of Tando Muhammad Khan District Government in which he pointed out the irregularities committed by other officials. He has also sent the copies of letter to Chief Secretary Sindh, Accountant General of Sindh, Secretary to Chief Minister of Sindh, Chairman Anti-Corruption Establishment, Secretary Finance and other concerned sectors of provincial government. Official further said that during past three months serious financial irregularities have been committed by the Tando Muhammad Khan district government. However, a huge amount of Rs3 millions had been spent from the transitional grant for the maintenance of DCO House and Office Tando Muhammad Khan while formalities of issuance of tenders, comments of district purchase committee and other forums were also by-passed, official said, adding that the above amount was drawn through fake bills while the physical verification of the purchased articles was not done. Giving further detail of irregularities committed by Tando Muhamad Khan District Government, official informed that Rs10 millions were spent on purchase of hepatitis-C medicine which was bought at higher rates from the market. Spending this money, the higher officials of above District government by-passed the due course of law and formalities, official said adding, to avoid tendering and other formalities, the expenditure was broken into 100 bills, each amounting to little less than rupees one lac. Moreover, the price at which the medicines were purchased was many times higher than the price which was recommended by the Prim Ministers Program for the Control of Hepatitis which was Rs196/-per vial while above same medicine was purchased at the rate of Rs500/-per vial. This step of district government has caused loss of more than Rs6 millions to the government exchequer, official said. Official said that these complaints have been sent to Sindh Local Government Commission which will investigate the allegations. It may be noted here that Provincial government has already declared that corruption and financial irregularities have increased after formation of local governments. Local government has developed differences among the provincial authorities and District Nazims of the province. The coalition partners of Sindh government have agreed to restore the old Commissionerate System of governance as they will be responsible directly to provincial government.