PARIS Hilton wants to be friends with Angelina Jolie. The socialite and hotel heiress, 27, believes she and the Tomb Raider star are quite alike, and would probably get on well together. She says, "I love Angelina Jolie. She's strong but gorgeous and uses her fame for good to make a big difference in the world. That's a great quality. I'd have a lot in common with her." However, Paris also revealed the sort of person she wouldn't like to be friends with. She added to British magazine Fabulous, "I don't like it when people are liars or users - girls who are just trying to be my friend for the wrong reasons. I've had a lot of people in my past who were friends with me just to get publicity. "When I was young, my mom or sister used to have to point out if someone was using me to make a name for themselves - you know, linking arms with me on the red carpet and trying to get in every picture. But now I can see for myself when someone is just hungry for attention. "I have this great test to see if a girl's a real friend. When we're shopping I'll pick out an outfit that I know looks hot and one that is awful. If my friend says the bad one looks good, I know she's not a good friend." - Showbiz Spy