This is in response to the friend who extolled Bhutto's favour of giving people a 'sense of self respect'. That, in my view, was a cruel joke on the nation. Bhutto had no altruistic motives in doing what he did. He incited the workers, the students and the common people to come out against the government of the day only to get them behind himself, to build a vote bank of his own. This was dirty politics at its worst. He offered them a free ride, all play and no work. The indiscipline this caused amongst the workers and the students played havoc with the industry and education, the effects of which have not dissipated till now. No amount of high-sounding phrases, like 'giving self-respect to people' can compensate for the colossal damage he has done in perpetuity. Now again the student unions have been let loose on the peaceful academia and the purpose, yet again, is to build the PPP vote bank. Benazir Bhutto brought the students on the voters list for this very purpose. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, via e-mail, January 7.