KARACHI - Jaffaria Students Organisation (JSO) on Sunday took out a rally for Islamic movement Hamas against the aggression of Zionist State. As per detail, JSO "Hemayat-e-Palestine Rally" was taken out from Regal Chowk and culminated at Karachi Press Club in which hundreds of protestors, carrying the flags of Hamas and Hizbullah, expressed their solidarity with the innocent people of Gaza and the resistance of Hamas. The participants not only torched the flags of United States and Israel, but also burnt the effigy of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Speaking at the rally, Maulana Jaffar Subhani, Maulana Altaf Hussaini and Maulana Nazir Abbas Taqvi vehemently condemned the Israeli barbarism against the innocent people of Palestine. They also criticised the unscrupulous role of United Nations, United State and Western Countries. Arab countries were flayed for their silence on the genocide of Palestinian people at the hands of brutal Jews. They claimed that the recent announcement of unilateral cease-fire made by the Zionist state, had exposed the defeat of Israel at the hands of Hamas.