LAHORE - Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik Sunday called on PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif and conveyed President Asif Ali Zardari's message, urging him to distance himself from lawyers' long march and avoid supporting judges issues. He said, "It is time of national cohesion instead of clash." President hoped that PML-N would not create trouble for the government, he added. The meeting that lasted three hours discussed a range of issues that included repealing 17th Amendment, Senate elections, Pak-India tension after Mumbai carnage, changing geo-political situation, operation in tribal areas and internal and external security threats to the country. During the meeting, Rehman Malik emphasised the need for avoiding participation in long march, planned by lawyers fraternity on March 9 for the reinstatement of deposed judges. He said the PML-N participation in the long march would create difficulty for the government. However, Nawaz Sharif turned down the request, saying that PML-N could not step back from it principled stance, as it was the part of its manifesto and commitment to the people and lawyers. He said the PML-N had no any intention to create problems for the government, maintaining that "we could not compromise over principles". He said that PML-N desired PPP would implement Charter of Democracy and restore the deposed judges. He said that the party wanted to see democracy stronger in the country and hoped that PPP would value the democratic norms. Over Pak-India tension, Nawaz said the government needed to show responsibility on the tricky issue. He said that if any Pakistani was found involved in Mumbai attacks after investigation, he should be tried in the country and should not be handed over to India. Later talking to newsmen, Rehman Malik said that PPP still considered PML-N as its allied party. "We want PML-N to extend its help to address all problems being faced by the country," he said and added that the PPP wanted to repeal 17th Amendment and to bring all political parties on board. He said PPP believed in supremacy of Parliament and democracy, adding that the purpose behind the holding of APC was to hold consultation with all political forces over Pak-India tension. He said that being democratic party, PPP respected mandate of all political parties. "Parliament is representative of nation. All the decisions taken in the Parliament would be welcomed," he said. He appreciated the steps of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in the arrest of terrorists involved in Lahore bomb blasts. He said the government shared the information regarding Mumbai attacks incident with CM Punjab. Agencies add: Rehman Malik and Nawaz also discussed the overall security situation in the country. They also discussed the ways and means to evolve a well-coordinated strategy between federal and provincial governments to maintain peace in the country. During the meeting, Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif and other PML-N office-bearers were also present. Malik said that the government is consulting its allied parties with regard to Mumbai attacks and cooperation of Punjab government is also needed in this respect. "We have apprised Nawaz Sharif of the whole situation and he is agreed with us on national issues," he added. Malik said culprits of Lahore explosions were captured due to cooperation of Shahbaz Sharif. Information with regard to Mumbai incidents were shared with Shahbaz Sharif, he added. "I met Altaf Hussain in London and would meet Qazi Hussain Ahmad next week," he indicated. PML-N should cooperate with government to address the problems being faced by the country with particular reference to security and peace, he urged. He said that Benazir Bhutto Shaheed always advocated the reconciliation to resolve the matters, and President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani have also been working with same spirit. That is why both national leaders are holding meetings with leaders of all the political parties, he added. He said PPP wanted to take all the political parties on board, adding all the parties were consulted on the post-Mumbai attacks situation. He also hailed the Punjab government for taking action against the Jamaatud Da'awa.