ISLAMABAD - Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan has said that PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif violated Charter of Democracy (CoD) by issuing statement that the government was pursuing the policy of dictatorship. Talking to media persons here on Sunday he said on one hand the PML-N Quaid met the leadership of the Pakistan People's Party to convince it for revoking 17th Amendment, while on the other alleged that the government was pursuing the policies of dictatorship. He said during its five year-tenure, the government would give rights to the people of Pakistan and establish transparent electoral system and independent judiciary. The Minister said the people had outvoted dictatorship in February 18 elections and now it was the duty of the political forces to shut the doors to dictatorial rules in the country by consolidating the political system in the country. He said through effective foreign policy, the government had averted the threats of war between the two nuclear powers in the region. Babar stated that a political statement by a deposed judge, being a government official, was violation of the code of conduct and added, "If anyone wants to do politics, he should come in the field."