Going by the religious precepts, Muslims are supposed to be a brotherhood. The binding element in such a relationship is the Monotheism as reflected in the Holy Book which was revealed to the Prophet of Islam. Emphasising co-existence between Muslims and others, Islam visualises a commonality of interest based on their faith among the members of Ummah. While the code of conduct, like in all other revealed religions, constrains the Muslims in dealing with worldly matters, the articles of faith tend to promote the collective consciousness of their common destiny. Thus regular interaction in collaborative daily prayers etc, Zakat and the institution of Haj appear to be the tools to the attainment of a certain uniformity of behaviour in the pursuit of their goal. As a realistic concern, God has ordained the Muslims to fight in self-defence when the odds become unmanageable. However, they have also been given another option of migration in the face of oppression etc. All these features signify the indispensability of unity based on faith in facing fearful vistas. Islamic history has been blighted by the emergence of autocracy after the glorious early years of Caliphate. The era of the Empire made many deadly enemies which is well-known all over the world. It also sowed the seed of deep divisions within the Ummah. As the Europeans started profiting by slave-trade due to impoverishment/the spirit of adventure in the seventeenth century, the Muslims remained holed up in their own quagmire. By the start of the 20th century, only Turkey remained with some pretensions of power. The rest of the Muslim world was colonised by the British Empire mainly while the French also had clung to certain areas. How the British sabotaged the truncated Ottoman caliphate through the likes of 'Lawrence of Arabia' is a familiar story. It now appears that the moves by the victors of the World War I were, generally, focused on making the status quo permanent. Another important objective was to make sure that the Muslims world was weirdly fragmented so that they may never reunite against the colonial powers etc. Too much of bad faith in the Treaty of Versailles that produced Hitler who wanted 'Lebensraum' for Germany from the colonial powers. Japanese wallowing in their own 'power' struggle also chipped in to enjoy the colonial 'loot'. This led to the collapse of the European Empires which, even in the throes of death and destruction, made sure that the Muslim world was infected with all viruses. Post World War II saw the order wherein the major victors fell out for Global domination which led to the Cold War era between the Soviet Union and the US with Europe, generally, pandering to one or the other despite the bravado of France. The Muslim world burdened by blatant educational and institutional deficit had to support the US as Communism would not gel with their belief. However, the superpower could easily manipulate Muslim countries for achieving their own ends. The way Israel has flourished since its creation, thanks to US' blind-support due to its ground realities at home, is a case in point. By now three generations of Palestinians have been devastated by the Israeli occupation which has come about because Israel remains beyond accountability at the battlefield as well as in the UN. The current genocide launched against Gaza with the explicit backing of George W Bush may match the atrocities committed by the Radavan Kradich and Gen Maldich in Srabernitza or Bosnia. Likewise it was so easy to induce Iraq to wage a war against Iran to punish the latter for their anti-US policy after the ouster of the Shah. Now Iraq is under occupation after killing over a million people on the pretext of Saddam's WMD. Their Afghan adventure has destroyed that country though only OBL/Al-Qaeda were the suspects of 9/11 tragedy. History indicates that occupation forces, generally, wilt under the pressures generated by topography and the valiant tradition of fighting against foreign aggression. The Muslims, generally, are living in nation states of their own which makes them vulnerable. Due to their degrading experiences/fragmentation as colonies and their weakness vis--vis stronger states, they appear to unable to come together as a brotherhood. Lack of representative regimes and absence of across-the-board accountability in their society, as ordained by faith as well as by democratic order, is extorting a heavy price from them. While majority, generally, tends to tinker with the faith to enjoy the goodies of life; others have adopted extremism as their dogma. \\This is creating a vicious conflict which acquires many dimensions. Such trends are weakening Muslim states further and it is feared that it is being prompted by outsiders who have an axe to grind. A look at the sickening fate meted out to Iraq/Afghanistan/Palestine etc can make the banner-headlines of the current catastrophe. Pakistan too is suffering due to such instability. India, which is riddled by Hindutva hordes led by Purohits, Thakerys, Moodis etc, is threatening Pakistan as a face-saver in addition to letting loose a reign of terror in occupied-Kashmir since Mumbai tragedy. It is a very competitive world. Muslims will have to realise that they can't get their due till they are properly organised as per their faith or worldly wisdom. The fact that they have huge numbers by itself can be neutralised, in a way, by the vicious military power which is monopolised by ambitious countries. Israel's occupation of Palestine since 1967 and the helplessness of the Arabs is a case in point. In order to win recognition by all concerned they will have to take tough decisions urgently. First, they must bury the schism between Shias/Sunnis. Second, feeling of brotherhood must prevail over all kinds of interpretative aberrance's. Third, OIC/Arab League appears to have dwindled into practical jokes like the UN itself. A vibrant organisation should be set having all Muslim countries on board so that it can develop closer economic, political and defence ties. Like NATO it should be able to intervene when a member is attacked. Four, this organisation should seek one UN Security Council seat for the Muslim block. Five, it should also set up a welfare agency to give aid to the needy and it should be financed by the richer members. The writer is a former secretary interior E-mail: imnor@brain.net.pk