Indian Prime Minister today once again put the entire responsibility for Mumbai attacks on Pakistan. India is adopting the same strategy that US had employed after 9/11. Indian PM and government never bothered to take their intelligence agency RAW, or Mumbai police or their naval forces to task for this heinous security lapse; they were instead made into heroes. Looks like the way US had started a worldwide war against terrorism after 9/11, India is also girding up for raising at least a regional bogey against Pakistan. The Indian government knows very well that Pakistan's economy is in a vulnerable condition these days. No state can think of promoting terrorism activities in other countries in such conditions. Indian PM's statement that terrorism is a part of Pakistan policy is shameful. No responsible person would have said this. He couldn't have accused Pakistan of harbouring such plans against neighbours had there been peace and harmony in Pakistan. But this country has already suffered about 600 terrorists attacks in the last few years. Pakistani government should answer the Indian propaganda with full gusto and should not take any dictations from this regional bully. -MUDASSAR SHAHID, Lahore, via e-mail, January 6.