We hear that ex-President Musharraf is not the only one enjoying a life of leisure. Mian Nawaz Sharif, once he has issued a few one-liners on the political situation, also likes to sit back and enjoy life. Last week he whizzed off to Bahawalpur for shikar accompanied by the erstwhile Sher-i-Punjab Mustafa Khar. Workaholic CM Shahbaz Sharif did interrupt the mood when he dropped in to take him to Islamabad for an official engagement. The two went in SS's official plane to break bread with the visiting Saudi Security Chief. That done, NS hopped back and made his way back to Bahawalpur for more shikar. Enthusiastic hacks were quick to spread the canard that the real reason of the shikar was a rendezvous at nearby Jahangir Tarin's farm at Lodharan along with the other two former lions of Punjab, Khar and Pervez Elahi. * * * * * * * * * * In case we are worried about what is to become of our new generation, there is some good news coming from the direction of Aitchison College. Apparently three young men in their mid-twenties have now joined the school's prestigious Board of Governors. This Eton among Pakistan's schools has a new generation BoG. Now who says the young have no future in Pakistan? * * * * * * * * * * Cosmetic surgeons offering liposuction to the looking-good-at-any-cost Pakistanis, may just have struck gold or oil to be more precise. Reportedly, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr Allen Brittner, has revealed that he uses the fat moved from his clients during liposuction procedure as believe it or not, fuel for his two cars. In fact he has admitted that he runs his Ford Explorer 44 and a Lincoln Navigator on this fuel piped out of people's potbellies and love handles. Of course Dr Brittner is now in trouble with California's Public Health Department. Pakistan's cosmetic surgeons will have no such issues, should they explore this environment-friendly option.