Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said global community should ask India to resume dialogues with Pakistan. In a briefing to foreign ambassadors about the efforts made and investigations conducted so far by Pakistan in connection with the Mumbai attacks here on Monday, foreign minister said investigations are moving forward according to specific strategy and we will try to satisfy India about these investigations. Qureshi said Pakistan wants peace, however, if war would be imposed on it, it would retaliate. Later, Rehman Malik, advisor to Prime Minister on interior has briefed the envoys about measures taken by Pakistan against outfits banned by United Nations (UN). In Details Pakistan on Monday briefed foreign envoys on its response to the Mumbai terror attacks and probe into information provided by India on the terrorist incident, as part of an effort to counter the diplomatic initiative launched by New Delhi. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Interior Ministry chief Rehman Malik briefed the ambassadors and high commissioners of most foreign missions in Islamabad at the Foreign Office. There was no official word on the meeting though TV channels quoted sources as saying that Qureshi told the envoys that Pakistan had initiated a crackdown on the Jamaat-ud-Dawah and Lashker-e-Taiba following the Mumbai attacks. Qureshi reportedly said that Pakistan was conducting its own probe into the information provided by India on the Mumbai incident. He also said that India had not yet responded to Pakistan's offers to conduct a joint investigation and to send a high-level delegation to the neighbouring country to discuss modalities for such a probe. This was the first major briefing for diplomats after the Mumbai attacks. The Pakistan government has faced criticism at home and abroad for its handling of the fallout of the Mumbai attack and its response to the diplomatic campaign mounted by India. Invitations for the briefing were sent to diplomats by the Foreign Office over the weekend. Media reports said Indian High Commissioner was not invited for the meeting because he had been briefed by Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir just a few days ago. Some officials also pointed out that Pakistani High Commissioner was not invited to similar briefings arranged by India. The reports also suggested that the government might share with the envoys "new information" that has not been publicised so far for security reasons.