KARACHI (APP) - Nazim Karachi, Syed Mustafa Kamal, has said that during the last 60 years, 32-35 families ruled Pakistan but problems continued to remain as such. He said in order to make Pakistan a developed nation and solve the problems of people, people have the option to follow the philosophy of MQM and its Quaid Altaf Hussain. The philosophy is that if talented youth from the country's 98 percent population, which is the middle class and real heirs of Pakistan, is involved in managing government affairs, the experiment of which in Karachi proved successful, the country can be made a model. He was speaking as chief guest at the Open Drama Festival 2009 ceremony held at Arts Council of Pakistan under the aegis of United Youth of Pakistan. The Nazim said that the role of youth from 98 per cent class is important for bright future of the country as they have the capability to meet the challenges of the present era. He said they should be given the responsibility in government affairs because the youth of Karachi have proved that youth from middle class have these capabilities and they can run the administration in a better way. Mustafa Kamal said that Altaf Hussain's philosophy is that talented youth from 98 percent population should be given the opportunity to play their important role towards progress of the country. His thinking is correct and practicable, he said and added that by giving practical shape to Karachi model in the entire country, Pakistan can be brought into the ranks of developed countries on the world map - a country where people had all the facilities with minimum problems. Nazim Karachi said he is neither a feudal nor his father was industrialist but he is a street worker of MQM who was given responsibilities by Altaf Hussain and after working day and night proved that he is fully aware of basic problems of people. He said if the youth of Karachi had failed, then 98 percent youth would have failed along Altaf Hussain and MQM philosophy. Mustafa kamal pointed out that all the Ministers, MNAs, MPAs, Nazims and any other elected representative don't spend even a single rupee till their joining their offices and, therefore, they only serve the people. "The future leadership of the country should be taken from middle class and reigns of the nation be given in the hands of talented youth of middle class who are the real heirs of the country and then the country will come out of various crises in few years", he added. Nazim Karachi said that city government made Karachi a fast developing city of the world just within 3 years by spending 3 billion rupees and also tried to solve its problems on fast track basis and, therefore, it is now the responsibility of every citizen to own the city and protect these projects. He asked the youth of Karachi to join I Own Karachi campaign.