The latest piece of good news from government is that electricity price would now have to go up by 45 percent. Already, we have had an increase of 15 percent. That means the power bill of the common man is likely to go up by 60 percent. Congratulations, lets all cheer our great Raja Sahib for this latest act of kindness. Cheers for Zardari Sahib too for keeping up with the 'good news he brings us every time he is in Lahore. If all of this is not enough to make your day, the atta price has also risen and ditto for the sugar. The golden age has dawned on the Land of the Pure (and Dear). The President is in Lahore while I jot down the lines of this Qaseedah. He is surrounded by all the jiyalas, chamchas, toadies and sycophants that his minions could gather and they tell him all is well. He was in a shell in Islamabad and he is in a shell in Lahore. While I expect no good from his stay in Lahore, we the Lahorites are suffering traffic (rather terrific) chaos on Lahore roads. Is the life and comfort of one man more important than all of us 180 million? You bet Does the ruling class realize how much of our peoples time is wasted on clogged roads and how much petrol is burnt while the commuters wait for clearance of roads? Dont bet on it -MUHAMMAD ASLAM MUGHAL, Lahore, January 17