ISLAMABAD Forewarning the Government of disastrous consequences of pushing the things towards institutional clash, Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan asked the rulers to stop muzzling the superior judiciary and strictly follow the Constitution while handling the governmental affairs. Allaying his concerns, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani informed the House that Government keeps the superior judiciary in high esteem and would continue to strive for the strengthening of the institutions, rule of law and running the governmental affairs strictly within the ambit of 1973 Constitution. He further assured the House that they would strictly follow the Constitution while appointing and elevating the judges in the superior courts. He also gave assurances to the House on the other issues raised by the Leader of the Opposition in his speech and appreciated the Opposition for playing a true and vibrant role which, he thought, would help strengthen the democratic order in the country. Expressing views on a point of order, Ch Nisar without naming Army and superior judiciary said that Government was bent upon bullying the institutions one after the other and in both the cases these institutions were not in a position to defend themselves. He, once again, reiterated Oppositions stance if Government was threatened by some undemocratic elements, it should bring the matter before the Parliament and the whole Parliament would stand behind it against any undemocratic adventure against them. But he warned if the Government would continue to breach the Constitution and law of the land, the opposition would resist it tooth and nail. Ch Nisar said that Government was running the affairs in Under-19 team like fashion and asked the rulers not to make their mistakes as mistakes of democratic system. He said that all the member of the Parliament and even the whole nation was worried about the way the elevation of judges in superior courts was being mishandled by the ruling elite, and the way they were meddling the affairs of superior judiciary would push the whole system in disaster-like situation which would devour the whole democratic system. He referred to the unduly delay in the appointment of High Court judges by the Government with semblance of Musharraf era when judges of superior courts had been were intimidated and harassed. He asked the Prime Minister to come up clear on the issue of undue delay in the appointment and elevation of the superior court judges and if they had something else in mind, they should come up open on it as well to help end the state of confusion. He warned if the attitude of certain elements in Government was not changed towards the superior judiciary, the whole system would be at stake and the main losers would be government and the democracy. He said that no external or undemocratic element could harm the incumbent political dispensation and the only threat to it would be from inside and stressed the need for removing the confusion and state of indecision on issues of national importance. Ch Nisar had also drew the attention of Prime Minister towards the Asian Development Bank report on Rental Power Projects and asked him to constitute of the House, assign the task to Public Accounts Committee or form a committee of his choice to look into the gross irregularities committed in it and the responsible persons be brought to book. He also demanded united stand of the nation on water issue with India and stressed a need of proactive policy on it. Responding to the points raised by Ch Nisar in his speech, Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani said the Government enjoyed excellent relations with judiciary. He said, We have respected and accepted all decisions of judiciary, that is an institution and to respect it, is obligatory upon us and the Parliament. We also believe in trichotomy of powerExecutive, Judiciary and the Parliament. I assure the House not to do anything over and above the 1973 constitution, he assured the house. He said that since the restoration of the superior judiciary on March 16, 2008 it has not even a single complaint against the government except the current issue of elevation and appointment of judges and added that he did remember even a single instance where he had turned down any of the recommendation or proposal forwarded to him by superior judges. Even Justice Khawaja Sharif was appointed Chief Justice of Lahore High Court prior to the restoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, he added. The Prime Minister also assured the House that Government would not take any step detrimental to democratic order and said that everyone of those present in the House had rendered great sacrifices for democracy. You, me and others suffered in jails and Mohtarma Shaheed Benazir Bhutto even laid down her life for democracy. I appreciate the Leader of the Opposition who always extended full support to the Government whenever there is any threat to democracy, he said. The Prime Minister said the Government believed in supremacy of the Parliament and strengthening of institutions to promote good governance. That is why I always invite the Chief Ministers to Cabinet meetings for evolving broader consensus on issues. He expressed confidence that all political parties would stand united to protect democracy and strengthen institutions and said, Constitutional Reforms Committee was working on revival of 1973 Constitution, provincial autonomy and to do away with Article 58(2)b, 17th Constitutional Amendment and other anomalies from the Constitution. He said the Government was waiting for the detailed judgement in NRO case and once they would receive it, they would act on it in consultation of their legal experts. About the rental power plants, the Prime Minister said it was decided in the cabinet meeting to have third party evaluation of these plants only to avoid any loss to public exchequer. He further said that soon Federal Minister for Finance would deliver a policy statement on it. On water issue with India, Premier Gilani said that there were unresolved issues of water blockade, human rights violations in Kashmir, Siachin and Sir Creek with India and they were seriously pursuing all these issues with India at appropriate fora. On accountability of institutions, the Prime Minister said he had asked the Finance Minister to evolve a strategy on institutions becoming a liability for the Government. We want to divert the resources on development that were being incurred as liability on these institutions, already becoming 'white elephant for us, he added. He said the Government had firm belief in accountability. The accountability bill was with the Standing Committee and it would be passed once the same would be tabled before the House by the committee.