ISLAMABAD (Agencies) Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Monday assured the nation that the Parliament will never work against the Constitution and the democracy. Addressing the National Assembly session, PM Gilani said the judiciary and the Parliament are performing their duties in their own ambits, ruling out the possibility of any collision among the institutions. The government and the judiciary have excellent relations, he added. He said the judiciary has no complain with the government. The government has excellent relations with the judiciary and respects the courts and their verdicts, he added. The government would not take any action which is against the law and the constitution, he said, adding We will try to strengthen the institutions. We have the responsibility to fulfil all the requirements of good governance. All the institutions are working in their spheres. The PM said, We have the highest respect for the judiciary. We have fulfilled all the recommendations of the judiciary. We will not take any action which would threaten the democracy. All the politicians have played their role in the revival of true democracy in the country, he added. All the institutions, including the judiciary, of the country are very strong. We also need to strengthen the parliament. The government doesnt want to have any confrontation with any institution, he added. PM Gilani said the Constitution of 1973 would be restored in its true form and the constitutional committee is working for this purpose. He said, We want to hold dialogue with India to resolve all the issues including Kashmir and water issue. We had taken all the stakeholders into confidence on the issue of rental power agreements, he added. We want to have accountability and all the people must face the process of accountability without any discrimination. The bill on the accountability would be brought to the parliament and it would decide on the accountability bill, he added. Meanwhile, PM Gilani said the government intends to strengthen the democratic institutions and promote politics of reconciliation in the country. He said the government took a number of initiatives to promote provincial harmony and bring the people together, adding, the role of media in this context was very supportive and encouraging. The Prime Minister was talking to various groups of Parliamentarians who called on him here at his Parliament House Chamber on Monday evening. The Parliamentarians lauded the Prime Ministers policy statements at the floor of the National Assembly on various issues of national importance. They also expressed confidence in efforts made by the Prime Minister to bring about political reconciliation. The Parliamentarians included Minister for Livestock and Dairy Development, Humayun Aziz Kurd, Minister for Population Welfare, Ms Firdos Ashiq Awan, Minister for Postal Services, Mir Israrullah Zehri, President PPP Balochistan, Senator Haji Nawabzada Lashkari Raeesani, MNAs Nawabzada Muhammad Khan Hoti, Ms Fizza Junejo, Khursheed Junejo and Nawab Ali Talpur and Provincial Minister for Labour Moulvi Muhammad Sarwar.